29 July, 2010

Pabda-macher kolo jeerer jhol (Bengali style fish curry)

This fish curry is an all time favorite. Come monsoons and the fish market floods with Pabda (from the family of catfish) maach across vendors. Very simple and nutritious hope I am able to do justice to the traditional form of cooking of this dish.

Pabda Maach
  • Pabda Maach: Either 4 (large size) OR 6(medium to small size) fish
  • Oil: 1 Tablespoon mustard(optional) oil OR regular cooking oil 
  • Tomato: 2 large red tomatoes
  • Kolo Jere: 1/2 teaspoon (also known as Onion seed OR kalonjee)
  • Turmeric: 1 teaspoon
  • Salt: 2 teaspoons (as desired)
  • Water: 2 cups
  • Green Chillies: 2 to 3
  • Fresh Corriander leaves: 1/3rd cup, finely chopped 
  1. Clean the fish thoroughly under running water. Ensure that the gills and other parts of the stomatch is removed completely.
  2. Sometimes, especially during monsoons the fish may also have roe (eggs), in such a situation depending on your pallette let the roe be inside the stomatch for cooking. Set aside.
  3. Depending on the size of the fish you may choose to either cook it whole or cut it into half. Usually I like cooking it as a whole. 
  4. Heat oil in the wok. You can begin smelling the mustard oil when it is well heated. Alternately place your palm at a safe heigt to feel the heat rising from the wok.
  5. Drop the kalo jeere into the wok and let it splutter.
  6. Pour the tomato paste and reduce the flame to medium while stiring the mix continuously. Allow the water from the paste to evaporate completely.
  7. Add the turmeric and keep stiring.
  8. in a bit you will notice the mixture begins to seperate the oil at the edge of the wok. When this begins to happen add the salt, stir once more and then add 2 cups of water.
  9. Mix the water and then slowly add the fish into the curry.
  10. Place a lid on the wok and allow the fish to cook on a low flame for approximately 5-10 minutes.
  11. If you wish to make the curry thicker remove the lid after 4 minutes and allow for the fish to cook on high flame for the remaining 5 minutes.
  12. Drop a couple of green chillies slit mid way into the curry while it boils.
  13. Switch off the flame and garnish the fish with the corriander leaves.
  14. Serve with hot rice.


Malar Gandhi said...

Oh man, thats way beyond' tempting...have'nt seen whole fish for a while here, just defiled frozen ones' so miss that flavor:( Once I spot this little fish, gonna try this recipe for sure:)

Venus- The planet of love said...

Hi Malar.

You can try the same style with Rahu, Pomfrert or even Hilsa if you ok with the thorns. Enjoy and let me know how you liked it. :)


Satrupa said...

Dear Amrita,
Thank you very much for ur generous words !! Just to let you know pabda is my fav fish ... am drooling here. How much I wish I could have some now

Cheers n Happy Cooking,


Venus- The planet of love said...

Hi Satrupa.

My post to you is genuine and heart felt. :)

Dont fret, try out the same jhol with pomfret. Works well...

Jay said...

Hy Amrita,

First time here..lovely space you have. Wishing you all the success in blogging. Am your new follower now...:)
Do drop in at my spaces sometime...!

SuhaelAmrita said...

Thanks Jay.

Looking forward to read more on the South Indian culinary skills on your blog. :)



Akila said...

Wow... superb... just love it....

When you find time, do drop at my blog...

Suman Singh said...

first time here and I am loving each and every recipe of yours posted..they are all deliciously good..thanks for sharing this!

SuhaelAmrita said...

Thanks for the encouragement Akila & Suman!

I have just posted the Thai Green Curry recipie. Hope you guys like it too. :)



Bong Mom said...

Mmmm, I love this jhol anytime. Thanks for your comment on my post

Praveen G said...

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My mouth is watering.. Can't help

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