19 July, 2010

Addai- Lentil Pancakes


•2 cups rice

•¾ cup toor dal

•¾ cup chana dal

•1tsp of urad dal

•2 red chilies

•¼ tsp asafetida

•10 pearl onions finely chopped

•½ turmeric

•½ tsp ginger

•2 green chilies finely chopped

•Handful of Drumstick leaves ( I replaced with cilantro leaves)

•Few curry leaves

•2 tsp of coconut

•½ tsp fennel seeds

•Salt to taste

•Soak rice, chana dal, toor dal and urad dal for about 2 hrs

•Grind the soaked items coarsely with red chilies, salt, and asafetida. Do not grind to a fine paste

•Transfer the grinded mixture to a vessel and add pearl onions, turmeric, ginger, green chilies, cilantro or drumstick leaves, curry leaves, grated coconut, and fennel seeds. If the consistency is too thick dilute with little water.

•Heat the griddle with oil and apply the oil evenly; take a ladle of mixture and pour in the centre of the griddle and spread evenly like a circle.

•Add ½ tsp oil around the corners for the adai. Once the adai is cooked one side, turn over to the other side and let it get cooked.

•Serve hot with butter or jaggery or coconut chutney

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