28 January, 2011

Mojito- the desi ishtyle! ;)

Finally my first blog of the year and what a way to begin the year! Happy New Year friends. Sharing one of my all time fav as a toast to a rocking 2011!
While all alcohol shops remain closed on day's like 26th Jan most families love to party. We did exactly the same during this mid week break. We celebrated with a bottle of Smirnoff and loads of mint with grapes. Sharing one of the most exciting recipes in my winter party do's!
Oh! Mojito originally is from Cuba which is a rum based drink but by the time it reached my home in Mumbai it changed into quiet a 'HOT' Vodka based Indian improvised drink. Hope you guy's enjoy it as much as all my guests do! :D Cheers...

Smirnoff-1 bottle (should be good for a party of 6)
Bunch of sweet green grapes, washed and sliced into halves lengthwise
Bunch of mint leaves, washed and leaves separated from stalk
2 limes, halved
Green Chillies
Slices of lime for garnish
Ice- loads of it!
Cocktail shaker

In a large cocktail shaker add half the grapes and half of the mint leaves. Muddle (crush) the grapes and leaves with a pastel till you get the fragrance if the mint leaves.
Now add 1/2 bottle of Smirnoff into the shaker.
Pour in about 10 cubes of ice.
Squeeze 1/2 a lime.
Now give a generous shake of the cocktail shaker and set aside till you ready the glasses.
Wet the rim of the glass with a cut slice of lime. Up turn the glass on a plate of salt till the rim is coated with salt. Dust off excess salt.
Now pour a peg (suite yourself dearies!) of your choice into the glass.
Spoon out a liberal portion of grapes and mint leaves into the glass.
Add about 4 cubes of ice. Top up the glass with sprite.
Add a slit chili if you like! (beware of this one)
Add the lime piece as a decoration on the rim of the glass.

Serve with olives n cheese!

Caution: watch-out for those grapes, they can be seriously under estimated!!! ;)

Happy 'hic' time folks! Hope you enjoy my desi style Mojito's...do write in to let me know your story... :) 


Sanctified Spaces said...

Im sure this cocktail had a nice kick to it..

SuhaelAmrita said...

We did have a couple of shattered glasses...Other than that we were all good! :D

Can be non alcoholic as well. Just take off the poison and it does stupendously well...

sangeeta said...

Any spiked up or spiced up vodka is great ...desi or videshi way :)

I like a spiced up mudslide too.

You have a nice blog Amrita , and thanks for the lovely comment on my blog . Will be in touch.

design traveller said...

Now I MUST make it :)

SuhaelAmrita said...

@ Sangeeta: Ummm...spicy mudslide...that sounds innovative! :) Thanks for dropping by!

@design traveller: You must and do let me know the verdict! :)

Usha said...

Beautiful clicks!


SuhaelAmrita said...

Thanks Usha. I feel handicapped since my camera has given away and these are all mobile pictures!

Writing a food blog without the camera is very painful!


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